Window Cleaning for Unique & Advanced Stains

You don’t need to stare at years of build-up on hard to reach surfaces anymore!

Do you live or work in View through Clean Windowsa residential or commercial building with specialty window designs, impossible to reach indoor décor, or shower doors that even the most expensive glass-cleaning products can’t remove watermarks and build-up from?

If there is any part of your commercial building or residential home that has been suffering from water spotsmineral tarnisheshard water stains, dirt accumulation, or “mysterious” and “sketchy” looking build-up, there are no more excuses for ignoring it and allowing it to continue accumulating dirt and grime. You don’t need to stare at that day in and day out.

Some of the most common problems customers face are easily fixable and very common:

  1. Commercial and residential skylights collecting rust, mold, moss, and other mysterious outdoor build-up
  2. Neglected shower doors suffering from years of accumulated water spots, mineral tarnishes, and hard water stains
  3. Hard to reach chandeliers collecting dust due to a large amount of small and hard to reach places
  4. Residential and commercial mid or high-rise windows, middle and corner window designs, windows with solar control glazing, or multifamily units with shared windows

Regardless of how unique the window design is, or how many years you’ve let dust collect on your chandeliers, or even if you haven’t cleaned your shower doors in 25 years, you have affordable options. In the East Bay alone you will find residential window cleaning companies, commercial window cleaning companies, skylight cleaning companies, shower door cleaning companies, chandelier cleaning companies, and window cleaning companies that do it all.

Almost every residential window cleaning project is the result of dirt, film, pollen, or rust that is caked on the outside of windows and skylights. Many of these windows are too high to reach without an extended ladder and extreme safety precautions. We do not encourage anyone without experience to attempt to do it without a professional. These jobs are dangerous and often come with the risk of serious injury, which is why you should always hire a professional.