Hanging Christmas Lights: Safety Tips from the CDC

Leave it to the professionals this year & make your house the brightest on the block!

All over the Bay Area there are clusters of neighborhoods that start to twinkle this time of year. Hanging Christmas lights is exciting and also very dangerous.

House with Christmas Lights

Christmas Light Installation

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention @ www.cdc.gov/), thousands of fall-related injuries occur throughout the year but it isn’t easy to determine the precise extent of such injuries associated with holiday decorating. They have been able to characterize nonfatal fall injuries associated with decorating or related activities such as hanging Christmas lights.


The CDC analyzed data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System All Injury Program (NEISS-AIP) for three winter holiday seasons.

This report summarizes the results of that analysis: “During 2000–2003, an estimated 17,465 persons were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments (EDs) for holiday-decorating–related falls.” – cdc.gov

Additional findings include:

  1. Approximately 62% of those injured were aged 20–49 years
  2. Approximately 43% of injuries were caused by falls from ladders
  3. Males were 40% more likely than females to be injured

CDC works 24/7 to protect America from health, safety and security threats. The experts at the CDC concluded that prevention strategies should focus on raising awareness about falls and promoting safety practices during the holiday season. The only safety practice that is 100% effective at keeping your family safe is hiring a professional to hang – AND REMOVE – your Christmas lights.

Surveys showed that more than 75% of men with children felt it was their responsibility as the “head of household” to hang their own Christmas lights. As a homeowner it is often a sense of pride to decorate your home for the holidays. But what’s important to keep in mind before you climb on your roof is that there is a 12.8% chance you will end up with an expensive hospital bill and spending the holidays with a fracture or hospitalized for at least one night.

The facts don’t lie according to cdc.org -

Common causes of holiday related injuries:

  1. The majority of falls were from ladders (e.g., while hanging holiday lights)
  2. Ladder falls were closely followed by roofs (e.g., while mounting an artificial Christmas tree on the roof)
  3. Third most common injury cause is furniture (e.g., while standing on a table decorating a Christmas tree, standing on a chair hanging holiday decorations, or standing on a step stool when hanging a tree topper)
  4. Furniture injuries almost tied with mishaps on stairs and porches while in the process of hanging holiday lights
  5. All other falls are likely to be caused by tripping over, or slipping on, holiday-related objects (e.g., tree skirts, lights, or ornaments)

Injury details:

  1. Among 46% of injured persons, injuries occurred to the extremities (i.e., arm/hand and leg/foot)
  2. Most persons (88%) examined in hospitals were treated and released
  3. At least 12% were hospitalized
  4. Fractures were the most commonly reported injury (34%)
  5. Approximately half (51%) of the fractures were caused by falls from ladders
  6. Of those who fell from ladders, nearly half (47%) were hospitalized

Don’t be a statistic. It can happen to you. Hire a professional company to quickly, safely, and affordably, hang Christmas lights and remove holiday lights.

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