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Hanging Christmas Lights: Safety Tips from the CDC

Leave it to the professionals this year & make your house the brightest on the block! All over the Bay Area there are clusters of neighborhoods that start to twinkle this time of year. Hanging Christmas lights is exciting and also very dangerous. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention @, thousands of fall-related injuries occur throughout the year but it isn’t easy to determine the precise extent of such injuries associated with holiday decorating. They have been able to characterize Continue reading →

Gutter Cleaning: It’s that Time of Year

Invest in prevention before you’re paying to replace roof shingles or foundation damage! If you have a history of not undergoing the aggravation and frustration of cleaning clogged gutters every year, you probably know just how agonizing it can be to try to fix them. We can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in prevention. There is a very important purpose for the gutters that surround your building; this is the best way to protect the foundation of your building from water overflow Continue reading →

Window Cleaning for Unique & Advanced Stains

You don’t need to stare at years of build-up on hard to reach surfaces anymore! Tweet Do you live or work in a residential or commercial building with specialty window designs, impossible to reach indoor décor, or shower doors that even the most expensive glass-cleaning products can’t remove watermarks and build-up from? If there is any part of your commercial building or residential home that has been suffering from water spots, mineral tarnishes, hard water stains, dirt accumulation, or “mysterious” and “sketchy” looking build-up, there are no more excuses for ignoring it and Continue reading →

What Toxins are Breezing into your Home?

Tweet The sun is shinning and it’s beautiful outside. Thousands of Bay Area residents have scheduled their annual window cleaning so they don’t have to stare through dirt, sap, water spots, fingerprints, and ambiguous looking filth caked on their glass windows. Unfortunately, most homes are at high risk of exposure to toxins, chemicals, allergens, and histamines simply by not scheduling regular screen cleanings. Because you can’t see the substances in your screens, many people have no idea that harmful histamines, molds and more have been Continue reading →